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Changing decors and colour palettes at home often may makes it feel so unfamiliar. The warmth of home may be replaced by templates of sugary design that won’t make the family any comfortable. So why don’t you submit into something more laid back? How about something interesting and never gets out of season? Then you should try themed living. Themes are design templates that never get old. It can adapt to different trends in interior design and it can make you feel more relaxed and organized. Decorations are easy to match and in most themes are pre-defined. Themes also enable you to express your love for some places, your idealisms and advocacies and most of all your own personality. Paint had protected homes from the forces of nature. Each coat adds years to any material’s lifespan. But paint is rather better known for its aesthetic properties. Paint’s vibrant colors set the mood in private and commercial spaces. From nurseries to new homes, paint had been part of almost everyone’s life. But how safe could these paints be? Learn how paint turned many homes into a potential health hazard.

Regular Paints

As stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paints (regular paints to say) are responsible of 9 percent the commercial Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission ranking number two after automobiles. VOC refers to carbon compounds that are pollutants to our environment. The evaporation of VOC, aided with sunlight results in the formation of ground-level ozone which is the primary component of photochemical smog. Formaldehyde is the VOC commonly found in paint. This VOC in paint is primarily used as a pigment carrying solvent – a standard formulation in most paints. The odor in the drying paint is from the evaporation of this VOC. Formaldehyde is known to be a carcinogen. But VOCs in paint are lower than other industrial by-products. Its effects are often gradual and long-term. Some of the acute effects of VOC in paints are:


-Eye irritation

-Respiratory problems



-Healthy Paints


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